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service providing deep possible transactions proficient knowledge advertising order development
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Anthony Laditi - Resume


  • Ambitious and highly motivated worker
  • Capable of working in all positions from Customer Service to waste management in a janitorial position.
  • Fast on-the-spot learner w. excellent listening skills and a multitude of patience.
  • Proficient in all electronic matters, and familiar w. core office applications(Word Processor, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Equipped w. deep and clearly intelligible voice, perfect for phone services.


  • Technologically Proficient
  • High Level Comprehension
  • Role Player
  • Deep Grammatical Knowledge
  • Numerically Advanced
  • Able-Bodied

Relevant Experience

  • Computer Proficiency
    • Vast knowledge of hardware and software for both PC's and Macs
    • Complete understanding of social networking
    • Disciplined in the use of word processors and like applications
  • Project Development
    • Collaborated with team of film makers in the development of an advertising analysis
    • Successfully navigated group to triumph while maintaining positive group morale
  • Documentation
    • Documented list of client transactions using Excel on a regular basis for a magazine advertising firm
  • Creative Problem Solving
    • Routinely made executive decisions regarding broadcasting responsibilities and last-minute modifications for a local school news program
  • Marketing
    • Developer of a "Guerrilla Marketing" campaign for local musical talent that has resulted in the increase of recognition for a few

Employment History


City Publishing Company Inc.

Northridge, CA


  • Conducted cold sales call throughout the work day
  • Utilized Excel to document all transactions


Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant

Houston, TX

Customer Service Representative

  • Assisted customers in the order taking process while providing the best service possible


Luby's Cafeteria

Houston, TX


  • Assisted customers in the order taking process while providing the best service possible



Santa Monica College

Santa Monica, CA



Granada Hills Charter High School

Granada Hills, CA

High School Diploma